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Seth Taylor

Seth is CRUSHING it at over $21,103.81 per month... Already making over $101,365
"How To Work With A Billion Dollar Company Who Will Introduce You To Their Customers"
Amazon Is So Committed To Their KDP Select Program That According To This Image From Their Website, They Have Paid Out $44,600,000.00 To Kindle Publishers Just In The Month Of February Alone!!!!
Don't Take Our Word For It, The Image Below Is Taken Directly From Amazon's Own Website Over At
Where The Kindle Unlimited Program,
And How You Can Earn From It Is Explained
So yes, Kindle publishers earn residuals based on page reads as well as book sales. So they can be successful even if they're not selling any books.

But getting paid residuals regardless of how many books you sell, is just one way to make money with Kindle publishing, you can also make money when your books simply sell to one of Amazon's tens of millions of readers. 

Other benefits to Kindle publishing include; Being able to translate and sell your books in other languages.. During this KCF Live, we may talk about how to do this properly.

You can also honestly and ethically call yourself an "Internationally published author" because you'll not only be able to publish your books in the U.S,, but also the U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, Japan, and Australia.

So these are just a few of the MANY, many benefits of Kindle Publishing... I get excited just talking about this stuff here, can you imagine what we'll cover during the virtual seminar ;-).

If you'd like to start your self-publishing journey and you're not sure how — join our live,
3 day virtual workshop, and watch from anywhere in the world as we share different options, whats working right now, Q&A sessions, networking options with other writers, authors, publishers, entrepreneurs, graphic designers and more!

You'll get 3 full days of motivation, how to action plans, step by step instruction and encouragement that you too can do this, regardless of your background, age, skill level, genre or anything else that you may think is an obstacle... In fact, if you yourself are a writer, you can even sign up with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform for free!!! You'll need to have a book cover created to start selling your books, but Amazon even gives you access to a cover creator program for free. So you truly do not need any money to get started with Amazon Kindle Publishing.

Here is a bit of what we'll be sharing with you at this event;

✅ You’ll learn how to properly market your books to generate more sales
How to use A.I. to create content and enhance your books, your book listings, ads, and more

✅ How to stay motivated and find time to write

✅ What does it feel like to hit best-seller status and be able to follow a system

✅ How to greatly increase the chance that your content will sell

✅ 3 ways to get your Kindle books created(If you are struggling with getting your books started or down, this is for you)

✅ WHY and how to publish your books in other languages

✅ What does it take to be incredibly successful with Kindle publishing

✅ How to structure your days for ultimate success with Kindle publishing

✅ How to turn what you know into Cash Flow

Ebook Exits - How to build your Kindle publishing business to sell!

✅ How to get funding to build your digital publishing business

✅ How to build out a digital real estate empire

✅ How your digital Realestate empire, can fund your physical Realestate empire

✅ And much much more!

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