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Hi there, fellow Kindler! It's time for a big change - and we need to have a serious conversation about building your publishing business if you don't have one yet.

 Hi, I'm Ty Cohen, and for the next few minutes, I want to tell you a story about things we take for granted in business.

Often, the things that we take for granted, are the things that can be the most critical to our life. I think so much about my relatives during times of emergency and crisis.

All of my family isn't here with me anymore and I'm starting to get a little bit older as a man... I'm not OLD yet... but you know. 

So during times that I'm feeling distressed, or going through problems. I try to look back and think about them, and the advice that they gave me - the spiritual encouragement that they passed on to me. 

And so often, when I'm going through those things...

I wish that I could have ONE more conversation with them that I could get all those lessons that they gave me and hear them all over again with a new context. Something personalized to the situation that I'm in. 

I never thought about them so much and so desperately, as I did when they were alive. 

It's not that I was a bad person or anything. It's just that I was going through so many of my own battles - they were a part of the background noise of my life in a strange way. 

I'm a little bit fortunate - even though I lost those those family members and sometimes friends and mentors... they didn't all pass away, but there are changes in life that keep me from seeing them as much as I want to.

Every loss teaches me gratitude and reminds me - you can't afford to take anything or ANYONE for granted.

 It's taught me gratitude, and more importantly it's taught me mindfulness, not just myself and the "grind". But a mindfulness of others... of their wisdom and their worth to my emotional well being. 

We're in a turbulent and dangerous time as a society as I write this (what else is new?)... but I'm also seeing our society as a whole come to some of those same revelations about people that we've taken for granted. I don't necessarily mean our family - although that can be a part of it. I just mean structural roles in society.

There's a fresh appreciation for people who quietly held our society together. And that's important.

I mean people like doctors, nurses, public health professionals. 

We rarely get the appreciation for how dangerous that kind of work is and how much people put themselves at risk in order to keep the rest of a safe. 

I'm also thinking a lot of the people who've been deemed "essential workers", folks that do things like bagging, picking up trash, working at pharmacies. 

I know first hand that working at a job like that doesn't make you less intelligent, or less worthy of success. I think everybody has the ability to learn and improve.

Are there any parts of your business that YOU are taking for granted? Things that have a lot of value that you're ignoring?

I mean, take a look at your own computer, there's probably dozens of PDFs that you've downloaded over the years on every topic that you can name. And a LOT of them were free, and very few of them had a lasting impact on your business or your relationships, or your life in general. 

You can even take a look at your email inbox... odds are you've signed up for a lot of emails from people. 

You've gotten a lot of free advice and information. But how much of it have you used. Probably not too much of it. 

It's true that it's hard to compete with free, but it's also hard for free to compete.

I've gotten valuable information from free PDFs. But I have to admit that I tend to dial in on a different level when I'm at a paid conference. 

I know that I've put a lot of time into it. So if I have to spend two nights in a hotel and buy an airplane ticket to get my hands on some information. I just know that I'm going to examine it on a different level than someone's free PDF.

I want to join with you and BREAK that cycle for a long time to come.

And I want to get you to put your hands on some of the most important training I've ever made. 

A lot of times in business, we give away a little teasers about one aspect of the business. And then we ask people to pay for the "whole" thing. 

I'm from a different mindset, because I know there have been times in my life where I've been desperate for any kind of tangible success. Only to find myself held back by financial barriers. 

I'm not giving you a "slice" of my business model... in fact, it's exactly the opposite. I'm giving you the ENTIRE thing. 

In fact, this is my entire business. It is the best information that I have on publishing on the Kindle platform. And this platform has been the core building block of my business that has given me so much. 

And as you work through it, I think you'll find that this is not a very complicated business. In fact, it's pretty simple. 

It's something that doesn't require a lot of time and doesn't require a lot of energy. 

It's not always easy, because nothing in life that's truly worth doing is, but it is simple - the steps are not complicated.


Honestly, starting a Kindle business is so simple that I don’t really get many questions. But, below I want to cover the 3 most frequent ones.
The best thing I can tell you is that KEEP IT SIMPLE. The power of this business model is the simplicity of it, that’s exactly why now in almost 8 years, my system has barely changed.
Alright, ready?
Here are the 3 most asked questions - answered.

So Come Check Out Kindle Cash Flow Quick Start:

A Bedrock Course That Teaches Every Important Step Of Kindle Publishing.


Creating Your Accounts

We’ll show you step by step how to do all the filing and paperwork to get your Amazon KDP business off the ground. 

You can’t afford to get crushed or confused by technical details here - you’ll also learn how to get your work on platforms like Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd and libraries, all in one go. 


Market Research

We’ll help you decide between fiction and non-fiction, decode their strengths and weaknesses, and give you a step by step guide on how to model successful books. We’ll also show you the exact numbers we use to ensure success. 

We’re also going to show you the key elements of success, what to look for from your competitors, when and how to choose pen names, and a tool we use to find what people are REALLY looking for on Amazon.


Writing and Outsourcing

Are you going to write or outsource your books? We’ll share a couple of resources you can use to motivate yourself and manage your time, then we will dive right in, showing you how to open on Upwork, and how to outsource your ENTIRE proofreading and editing business. 


Pricing For Outsourcing

Instead of having a lot of mystery, we’re going to give you a recommended price range for everything vital to your business. Do the work yourself, or go out, make hires, and get things done.

We also give you a short overview of how to design titles, covers, and what emotional “hot spots” to hit to make sure people keep coming. 

We also show you tons of good book designs in a gallery format - and seven pro tips that you can use as your guide as you add flexibility to your business, built around the main mistakes we see in the field.

The beauty of having an audience is that you don't have to spend money on building an audience because those people will come back to you again and again. That means you're spending a little less on advertising and you're retaining the customers that you have. 

And if you haven't structured your business the right way. It's very easy to have a business where you only have a couple of books, people get bored with you, and suddenly you're spending a lot of money on advertising, instead of really having it locked in and having a wide variety of things people can buy pretty early on in your career, that's pretty great right. 



Obviously, you can’t make do well unless the work is formatted correctly, and Kindle formatting is kind of a nightmare the first couple of times you use it. 

We give you the step by step on laying out and processing your book, as well as getting enrolled in KDP Select, which is one of the best programs ever invented for helping get writers off the ground.

We’ll also teach you how to get an active, amazing profile at spots like Author Central and start getting reviews of your book from our network of followers.

We’ll also share our strategy for launching books off the ground.


Email Marketing

Five reasons why its absolutely vital to start a mailing list - I’ll also walk you through setting up your autoresponder so that you can BUILD SALES every time you have a new release.

We’re also going to use something called a “lead magnet” - something we can give away as a springboard to an entire world of swaps, giveaways, and promotions that bring more anymore people into your list.


FB Marketing

The Big Blue site for social media is like a jet engine for forward progress in my business - both as a teacher and as a publisher.

We’ll show you how to create a Fan Page, make a steady series of books, and we’ll even show you samples of the advertising we’ve used in our campaigns so you can model and succeed.

We’ll also show you how to make the best of your advertising budget and well as the sources that we personally use in order to promote the work we make. 

What's a fair price for this kind of training?

Like I said, I don't want you to take anything here for granted - this is an opportunity to put in the work, and have something to brag to your friends and my future customers about ;)

It's never been this clear or this simple... so I don't see any reason to make this deal more complicated than charging based on what I feel like it's worth... 

Even as a Kindle Super Publisher that's really killing it on this platform... 

and getting rave reviews. 

I want to be mindful of where YOU are coming from... 

And I want to always be ready to make the most of whatever situation YOU are in. 

And I need to stress - you are NOT getting a single PDF - there are GUIDES WITHIN GUIDES HERE.

Again, I've seen the competition and they're not giving this kind of detail on getting started, on writing - even just the details on how much you should pay for your first book are pretty priceless. 

How much is the confidence of knowing you've got a real publisher giving you this advice, who does this as his main source of income... as opposed to finding it somewhere random in Google? 

How much is that worth? 

I'm Not Even Asking For You To Take A Risk Here.

This is LESS than the price of a restaurant burger... 

Just to read this information and digest it.

And like I'm fond of saying,  there's no restaurant in the world that will let you digest their FOOD for free... that's absolutely for sure.

If you're here, odds are good you've been referred by somebody that I really trust, OR you've run into me and been reading my messages by email. This is your first chance to see whether I live up to the hype and am REALLY about delivering on this platform - and I think you're going to love what you see...

Because there aren't a lot of biographical details, fluff or filler. It's a very simple document explaining every single step I take to publish book, period. 

Are You IN Or Are You OUT?

This is for almost anyone. 

And if you haven't published on Amazon, if you don't have a mailing list, if you've never run an ad campaign, if you don't already have a network of authors that are promoting you, you need to stop what you're doing and get ON board.

You REALLY need this, and even reading it means that you'll have knowledge you can use for the rest of your business career - knowledge that you actually know works.

It's for you, and you can get this for a very inexpensive price. So click that button, we'll start working together today, and I will see you on the other side. 
Here Are The 3 Most Frequent Questions I Get About Starting a Kindle Business…
Honestly, starting a Kindle business is so simple that I don’t really get many questions. But, below I want to cover the 3 most frequent ones.
The best thing I can tell you is that KEEP IT SIMPLE. The power of this business model is the simplicity of it, that’s exactly why now in almost 8 years, my system has barely changed.
Alright, ready?
Here are the 3 most asked questions - answered.
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