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1- Starting or Finishing your book(s) (Do you tend to over analyze, procrastinate or just not know how to end or finish your book?)

2- Understanding how to better advertise, market and attract more readers and buyers for your book(s)?

3- Finding time to write / Organization / Writer’s Block / Getting your family to support you?

4- Lack of motivation, overcoming procrastination, self doubt, lack of confidence, the fear of rejection and/or the belief that your written material is good enough to be published, sold and/or read

5- Not knowing what to do, and how to start step-by-step?

6- Not knowing if there is an interest and market for what you will or are currently writing

7- Anything else that you may need expert help on as it relates to your book(s)

Typically Most Writers & Authors Fail Because Of One Of The 7 Categories Listed Above, And They Just Don’t Know Who To Turn To For Professional Guidance.

If This Sounds Like You, We May Have Just What You Need, But This Is Not Something That We Let Everyone Join... Will You Make The List?

If you struggle with any of the questions asked in this email, it may be time that you try something else.

Schedule a complimentary Zoom session with us to see if you qualify to JOIN OUR EXCLUSIVE, $ 5,000.00 Book Publishing program designed to help you to attract more readers and buyers for your book(s) using Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Platform.

To see if this is something that may help you, simply read and follow EVERY single one of the 4 steps below:

STEP #1 - Visit the link found below, at the very bottom to schedule a time and day on our calendar to meet one of our book publishing coaches on ZOOM.(Don't cheat by skipping ahead, read each of the 4 steps before scheduling a time to talk with us. We really need to make sure that you are a fit for this)

STEP #2 - At the day and time that you have selected to speak to us, using the link that you will receive by email, you will meet one of our expert coaches on Zoom. During this short 15-20 minute Zoom meeting we will see if our "FastPass" coaching program is the right fit and something that can help you. If it is, we'll let you in. If it's not, we may be able to steer you in a more beneficial direction.

STEP #3 - At the end of the Zoom session, your coach “may” invite you to join our KCF FastPass coaching program. The KCF FastPass is an accelerated, group coaching program designed to help you to finish, publish, and attract readers to your book(s).

STEP 4 - Continue reading everything below.. We've found that those that see the absolute best results out of our KCF FastPass Program, are those that can follow simple instructions without jumping around. We are extremely selective about who we let into this program, and these are the students that we like to work with most, it's just easier for them to achieve results simply because they listen!You're almost there... Keep reading the final few sentences below before using the link at the bottom to schedule your Zoom meeting with one of our coaches.

Part of what we do in the KCF FastPass program is, we help you to better understand the things that traditionally hold many people back from ever seeing the achievements that they both desire AND deserve to experience with their material.

This is a $ 5,000- paid program. Yes it may seem expensive, but it is WELL worth what we charge and then some..

We ask that you schedule a Zoom meeting if you are prepared to join, and may simply want more clarity on what the FastPass coaching program consists of and/or have other questions.

If you cannot afford to pay for the program in full, we also have multiple payment plans and financing options. Schedule your session and we will work with you on getting in at a payment option that works for your budget if needed... There's no harm in asking right?

This zoom meeting is designed to educate and inform you on the many benefits of self publishing your book(s) to Amazon’s Kindle Direct publishing platform, which many people are not aware of.

NOTE: This is not a way to reach our customer support department, this is a coaching session that is designed to push you to where you want and deserve to be in your book publishing journey. If you need customer support, visit

You have waited, procrastinated and delayed long enough.
time stands still for no one, finding the “right time” is a myth, something will always come up. Like so many others, before you know it, you’ll have reached the end wishing that you had taken the time to do something that means so much to you.

Schedule a time to speak to one of our coaches, so that we can jump start your book, Amazon Kindle Publishing business and show you how to attract as many readers and buyers of your book(s) as you can stand.

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P.S. As you can see by the image below, we have over 800 members of this very special coaching program. If you have read this far, and If you are struggling with your book, this is the coaching program and community that YOU need to be a part of.

Go with your heart, it never lies.

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