Exclusive 3-Day Live Online Event for Anyone That's Looking To Generate Passive Recurring Income
"How To Work With A Billion Dollar Company Who Will Introduce You To Their Customers"
Get residuals regardless of how many books you sell! 

Kindle publishers earn residuals based on page reads as well as book sales. So they can be successful even if they're not selling any books.

But this is just one of many benefits of Kindle Publishing...

If you'd like to start your self-publishing journey and you're not sure how — join our live, 3 day virtual workshop and watch from anywhere in the world!

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ KCF Live Is For You If...
✅ You want to learn how to create a digital business from scratch
✅ You're looking for a community of like-minded people who are doing the same thing you are
✅ You want actionable advice from experts who have done what you're trying to do
✅ You want to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs, authors, writers, content creators, and influences who are taking their digital businesses to the next level

Who Should Attend?
⚠️ Writers, authors, entrepreneurs, content creators, consultants, coaches, influencers, creatives, and others.
✅ Content creators who want to learn how to monetize their work online.
✅ Influencers who want to build a business that allows them to do more of what they love.
✅ Event planners, coaches, consultants, and others who offer services online.

Join Ty Cohen and The Kindle Cash Flow Team at KCF Live!
✅ Learn how to scale your business
✅ Find your audience
✅ Build your tribe
✅ Discover Your Why
✅ And so much more!

You'll Leave With:
✅ A clear, step-by-step plan on how to grow your business
✅ Several strategies already implemented
✅ Dozens of valuable contacts that could turn into partnerships(And lifelong friends :-)
✅ Knowledge of how to reach your goals without working crazy hours and overspending
✅ Easy-to-follow processes and procedures to automate your path to success
✅ An easy-to-follow, yet free way to publish your Kindle book, audiobook, physical print book, and even your digital course and subscription program!

Friday April 14th to Sunday April 16th, 2023

11am to 8pm Eastern Time
10am to 7pm Central Time
  9am to 6pm Mountain Time
  8am to 5pm Pacific Time
  4pm to 1am GMT

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