TO GET BIG and build your business ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER."
These two go together like peanut butter and jelly. You don't have to be an 18 year old with Twitter brain, because these ads let you bring buyers to you WITHOUT spending all day on another project. Between these two platforms, you can find powerful influence in ANY niche.
You Don'T NEED A 

This is Mastering Ads, a two in one course that will help you conquer social media, and get the power of high sales on social media even if you don't have a huge following!

Inside, you're going to discover:

  • How to find and attract your target audience
  • ​How to brand your page to look stylish and build a following 
  • How to turn the looky-loos on your page into actual BUYERS
  • How to keep those sales coming and reach influencers.

Here is the exact process we used to grow our Instagram across different niches, and the same training used by our students to get followers.

We've got 8 modules and over 20 videos : and you'll get led EVERY step of the way. 
This course is extremely focused on the methods I've used to drive sales on Twitter and Instagram. 

So have a look - it's as simple as possible, and can turn your Twitter and Instagram into something hyper engaged and hyper focused. 

There's A Faster Way To Get Your Next Career Started.

Scraping together YouTube tutorials is a little like going to Doctor Google when you have a cough and a nosebleed….

There are so many things that *could* be wrong that you owe it to yourself to see an expert and consult with them in depth…

With an approach that is from the bottom up, you can build something stronger than expected.

Honestly, starting a Kindle business is so simple that I don’t really get many questions. But, below I want to cover the 3 most frequent ones.
The best thing I can tell you is that KEEP IT SIMPLE. The power of this business model is the simplicity of it, that’s exactly why now in almost 8 years, my system has barely changed.
Alright, ready?
Here are the 3 most asked questions - answered.
Let’s Get Started Now - Follow This Step By Step Plan To Start Your Kindle Business Today! 
Are they operating with a scarcity mentality? Are they telling you to sit on your money and wall yourself off from the world? 

When this year started, I was so hyped up to take my Kindle Cash Flow brand on the road. I was already booking venues and planning to be all over the country. And now I feel so fortunate - first because I'm more in touch with my family and myself... 

And second because I've been able to grow my business (and the people inside of it) in ways I absolutely did NOT expect.

I want to share that with you, not just because it's cool, but because it's vitally important to your success.

This set of 31 videos has a mixture of ‘practical’ learning methods, with both phone-recorded and desktop-recorded visual walkthroughs, and ‘classroom-based’ teaching grounded in important information and theory.


Decide Why You Want To Advertise!

  • The Introduction: What to expect from this course and learning outcomes. You'll also get a strategic overview of why Instagram and Twitter are right from you and what they can help you accomplish.
  • ​You'll also meet Balmit, my and presenter. I've written her notes by hand, and she's an incredible presenter - you're getting the best of both worlds.
  • ​Some people don't understand what they're selling and HOW - this module will show you the details.
  • ​The biggest reason that people lose money on ads? Showing them to people who aren't interested in buying. Here's a strong way to fix that.
  • Where Does It End?: Making sure that your "account page" is ready to entertain guests - so you can make sales and get your money back.
  • ​What are Smart URLs, and are they more of a help or a hinderance? We've got the answer.


Getting Started With Instagram Ads

  • This isn't Facebook: We want to talk about the unique relationship between Instagram and Facebook here.
  • ​This isn't one size fits all - there are different kinds of Instagram ads, and you can really take advantage of that IF you're in the know. So here's how to do it.  
  • Business and Personal Accounts: You have to choose between different types of profiles on Instagram - so, which one is right for you?
  • ​I know it sounds weird, but ads and promotions aren't exactly the same thing. Which one works better for your brand?
  • The other big cause of failure in ads? Sticker shock. Learn how to avoid getting ROCKED by a bill outside of your budget.


Creating Your First Ad On Instagram

  • The part that ISN'T the ad - what content do you already have? What do you want to advertise?
  • ​Creating a regular post promotion.
  • ​What are instagram stories? What is a Story Ad, and when should I use them? 
  • ​When ads get evolved: creating photo, video, and carousel ads!
  • Pricing and KDP Select: How to get a steady flow of readers to practically anything you create.


Getting Started With Twitter Ads

  •  Is Twitter a weird place? Yes. Some of the similarities and differences that make Twitter a special place for building community.
  • Making a Twitter ad? Here are some of the nuances.
  • Advertised tweets can REALLY backfire if you promote something people don't care about. 
  • What's the difference between a typical tweet ad and a promoted tweet ad? 
  • ​Twitter's not going to give you all this valuable space for free. Learn how (and how much) Twitter charges for ads.


Creating Your First Ad On Twitter

  •  Promoted Tweets vs Advertised Tweets
  • ​Choosing the wrong objectives can waste a LOT of time - so what are objectives, and how do you choose ones that get people BUYING instead of looking?
  • ​Bidding and budgeting - bid too low and nobody sees your ad. Bid too high and YOU don't see your money. Here's what you need to know. 
  • ​Learning about your target audience and keywords.
  • ​What is an "aesthetic?" Well, its your brand identity, and it's how you make fast friends with a stranger online. If you can build this trust at first glance, you can make the sale.


Analyzing Your Ads On Instagram and Twitter

  • How do you know whether an ad is working or not? Ultimately, the numbers have to decide. We'll show you how to decipher those numbers and decide whether to pull the plug.
  • ​We'll also walk you through the technical stuff - how to analyze your campaigns and where to find the information. 
  • Finally, we put together a complete summary of the course so that you can get to work in the FASTEST way possible.
" Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. Try This Course For 30 Days And If You're Only 99% Satisfied, Get A Refund And KEEP The Course As A Gift. My Confidence Is That High. "