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Hi there, fellow Kindler! If you're reading this, we're already on the same page, and I already know a few things about where you're at.

Navigating The Digital Age As An Author Isn't A Stroll In The Park; It's More Of An Uphill Battle. It's As If A Ceaseless Storm Has Been Named The "Struggling Author" Era, Such Is The Intensity Of The Struggle. 

These challenges can, at times, make you question the worth of your literary pursuits, draining your energy and depleting your hours.

You're familiar with the torment of staring at a blank page, unsure of the next stroke your pen should take. And yet, the complexity of being an author doesn't end with the story.

You find yourself in a sea of skilled graphic designers, wondering who could craft not just a visually appealing book cover, but one that entices readers and sparks curiosity.

Promotion, a key element in ensuring your work reaches its intended audience, becomes a daunting task as you scramble for time.

The idea of expanding your operations, hiring support staff, is hindered by lack of resources and time. And when you finally manage to bring in help, their inconsistent availability and reliability throw a wrench in your workflow.

In This Tumultuous Journey, You May Find 
Yourself Caught In A Cycle Of Negativity, Persistently Trying To Push Your Ambitions Uphill, Only To Experience Setback After Setback.

Remember, You're Not Obliged To Endure This 
Level Of Strain. Success, As Tony Robbins Aptly 
Put It, Leaves Clues. The Commonality Among Thriving Individuals Is Worth Examining.

Observe Their Lifestyles And Work Routines - 
There May Be Lessons There For You.

Many Attribute Their Success To A Strong Support Network - Often, Their Well-Off Families.

This safety net provides not just monetary assistance but also mental and emotional support.

Successful individuals often maintain strong connections with their counterparts, sharing insights, and lending assistance. These connections function much like a close-knit community, working collectively to ensure each member's success. It's not a scheme, merely a natural outcome of shared goals and values.

Networking is indeed a vital ingredient to success.

However, another factor of equal importance is mental discipline. Despite having every advantage, those who lack this discipline may lose their way. A strong focus on a goal and a willingness to invest one's energy and passion is crucial. The path to success is not broad and comfortable but narrow and demanding, and mental discipline is the guide that keeps you on this path.

Remember, those who have reached the summit didn't merely stumble upon it - they possessed the mental strength to endure the climb. 


And when you have these kind of tools, you can get started, you can get rolling a lot faster than you normally would, on your own, and have the kind of dream, that's important to you, you can act on your dreams, too. 

When you have all these things together you are going out of speed that is accelerated. You're going faster than you could go just working on all of these aspects by yourself. It's a speed that is practically impossible for the average person to reach. 

How can the average person who has no knowledge of these tools and tactics, be expected to learn about writing, learn about publishing, learn about promoting, and somehow find the social networks that they need in order to get promotion and get off the ground?

It's extremely rare as evidenced by the very low number of people who actually get it done. 

Facts are these - writing your book is not what makes your book sell. There are a lot of books that have been written and are pretty darn good but don't sell. 

You already know how to write a book. You know how to structure it you know how to come up with great ideas, you probably know how to do a little research, and maybe you've even designed one or two covers along the way. 

It's extremely disheartening and depressing to work so hard on your book, only to find that the real struggle isn't the time that you spend writing... 

The real struggle is the struggle to turn, what you write into something that sells.
Well, it takes an education to really understand how to write in a compelling way, even if you didn't go to some fancy University. You earned your education through experience time and effort, and hard work is what it takes to write an entire book. 

(Even if it's a short book!)

But, education hard work clearly aren't enough because there are so many books that have been written and all of them aren't making money. Just take a look at the Amazon Kindle bookstore, you'll see SO MANY good examples of the kind of hard work that goes nowhere and THAT'S what I've been trying to explain to you here.

So Instead Of Looking For A Talented Writer To Teach You How To Work Hard... Find A Talented Business Person Who Is Part Of A NETWORK.

We've got a process that produces powerful publishing businesses for high-ticket students and clients already.

Every time we sit down with someone. All they have to do is watch their business and plug in what's missing. It's not always easy, but it is simple to do. 

We have that formula, and I believe that formula is the missing ingredient for a lot of good people who are good writers, but have gone through these scenarios of loss and regret and falling short over and over again... because they are not understanding that success leaves clues. 

And if you leave this page with one piece of knowledge, it should be the knowledge that success leaves clues, no matter where you look. It's just that most people aren't thinking of success on a big enough scale! It is not just about having the right ideas. 

It is about being in an inner circle so, frankly, you can leave this page and you can find a lot of people who are teaching, but you will not find many people who have the network that I am here to show you. 

Honestly, starting a Kindle business is so simple that I don’t really get many questions. But, below I want to cover the 3 most frequent ones.
The best thing I can tell you is that KEEP IT SIMPLE. The power of this business model is the simplicity of it, that’s exactly why now in almost 8 years, my system has barely changed.
Alright, ready?
Here are the 3 most asked questions - answered.

The Author's Inner Circle:
A Select Community Of People Who Have Turned Their Dreams Of Being A Powerful Kindle Publisher Into
A Reality.

Part of that is understanding, and knowing. Part of that difference is understanding that it's possible. It's rubbing shoulders with people who are already crushing it and can tell you the details of that success. 

It's the look of pride that your wife has in her eyes when she is talking about you to her friends because she knows that you're somebody who can get the job done. 

It's a way for you to write more books and have more fans than your competitors in the niche.


Direct Access To Personal Coaching

You're getting personally trained by the entire Kindle Cash Flow team. 

If you liked going to our live events... think of this as a totally safe live event that doesn't end! 

It's getting those golden nuggets that can sometimes make an entire day at a seminar worth it. I went to the TEDx seminar with Grant Cardone, and he has a great presentation and he gives so many great tips, but if I were to sit there with a notebook, just crawling down everything Grant says, I wouldn't be able to retain any of it or make use for it. 

So I try to find the little bits and pieces that I know that I can focus on over a period of time. 

I try to give my own golden nuggets - simple things you can focus on. And they are going to be nothing like you've ever seen before. 

I've got an uncanny ability to boil down my success to the most basic aspects that anybody can repeat. 


My Exclusive, Personal Toolbox

You're going to get every tip, trick, code, tool, tactic book or template that I am using in my business to guarantee consistent success.

That's pretty important. 

Because having the tools has stopped a lot of writing careers completely cold, you've got to be able to succeed and do better than that. It also means you're going to save time writing, describing, making advertising - all with THE most high impact, high conversion material I can find. 


Multiple Businesses

That way if one aspect of your business goes a little bit downhill, you've got three or four that are steadily performing.

I can't even describe to you the security that comes from knowing that no matter what happens, you are going to be in the green, and not just surviving but thriving in your online business. 

It just feels special. 


Customer Targeting And Conversion

Honestly, you can only write so many books - so hopefully you have an audience and SOON, not just prospects and customers. 

The beauty of having an audience is that you don't have to spend money on building an audience because those people will come back to you again and again. That means you're spending a little less on advertising and you're retaining the customers that you have. 

And if you haven't structured your business the right way. It's very easy to have a business where you only have a couple of books, people get bored with you, and suddenly you're spending a lot of money on advertising, instead of really having it locked in and having a wide variety of things people can buy pretty early on in your career, that's pretty great right. 


Advertising And Following Up

When you start advertising you're going to realize how expensive it is. If you are having high turnover of customers in your business, that means you're spending money on a fancy cover, you're maybe hiring somebody to write for you and make your advertisements...

If the actual follow up process after the sale, it's not good enough those people will get bored with you. They will leave you behind for something else. 

We're also going to talk about how to spread the word for your business and how to encourage other people to spread the word that's going to be just a huge deal!

It's people buying from you more than once. So, I want you to ask yourself, if you could get 10 times the results in the average amount of time, would you do it? Of course you would. That's like if somebody offered you a free ice cream cone - you take it.


Effective and Timely Content Creation

Minutes can earn you hours, hours can earn you days, days can earn you light years and put you so far ahead of the competition that your head would spin. 

One of the reasons why I talk about success leaving clues is that the most successful people have a strategy for creating new content. 

So an average writer is sitting there at their desk or their computer and they're waiting for inspiration and they think that they're going to be able to float on that inspiration like magic. But it turns out to not be the case. 

Or, by the time that the inspiration fairy sprinkles a little pixie dust on them. They are months behind. 

REAL BILLS do not wait on inspiration, they never have and they never will. So I want you to get ahead of inspiration, so that you are creating really cool stuff that you're proud of on a timeline that your family can be proud of.


Victory Testimonials

This is a testimony based business. 

And I want people who are in the Inner Circle to testify about their wins - small ones and big ones . First of all, it reminds you that it's possible. 

I grew up in an environment that didn't remind me things were possible. In fact told me that things weren't possible. It was a toxic environment that I had to brainwash myself out of... 

I had to train myself to believe, even when there wasn't evidence! So I want to make believing easy because there's going to be abundant evidence everywhere. This is the quickest smartest way to become not just a professional author, but a super publisher!

Here Are The 3 Most Frequent Questions I Get About Starting a Kindle Business…
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